Leo Haynes

Pain Coach

Leo Haynes is a devoted pain coach who is passionate about aiding others in finding relief from chronic pain. Despite not having a healthcare background, Leo has become a pain management expert through his own experiences with chronic pain and his continuous self-education on the topic.

Leo's interest in pain management began when he started experiencing chronic pain due to conditions like neuropathy and arthritis. Initially, he sought traditional medical treatments, but they did not provide the desired relief. He then started exploring alternative therapies and discovered the effectiveness of topical gels and creams for pain relief.

After personally experiencing the benefits of topical pain relief therapies, Leo began sharing his knowledge and experience with friends and family members who were also struggling with chronic pain. He quickly realized that he had a talent for coaching others in pain management and decided to pursue it as his career.

Currently, Leo is an experienced pain coach who specializes in the use of topical gels and creams for various conditions such as neuropathy, arthritis, eczema, and muscle recovery for athletes. He works with individuals to create customized pain management plans that include a variety of strategies such as topical pain relief therapies, exercise, nutrition, and stress management techniques.

In his free time, Leo enjoys hiking, yoga, and spending time with his family. He is devoted to assisting his clients in achieving a better quality of life by managing their pain effectively and is committed to staying current with the latest research and best practices in the field of pain management.